Portable Car and Home Massage Pillow

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Remove your Stress AWAY with our Portable Massage Pillow! 😍 Save more money and time rather than going to expensive massage salons.

It is very easy and safe to use plus its very handy! Use it while your’e at home, work or even in your car. It has 4 Knead Balls especially design to remove the tension in your muscles


  • Delivers a circular kneading massage and invigorating vibration to loosen tight muscles.
  • Heating operates that soothes aching muscles.
  •  improve blood circulation and re-oxygenate to the finite muscles


  • 1 x Car home dual-use massage pillow
  • 1 x Vehicle power
  • 1 x Household power
  • 1 x User Manual



1.Plug controller into the socket of smoke source(In car use)or plug the power adapter in the power socket.

2.Dial direction switch key,massage pillow enter into massaging state. (Advise:Massaging 10-15 minutes/once) .

3.Stop continuing to use,please dial the direction switch to middle position then plug out smoke source or power adapter.


  • The number of massager head: 4
  • The AC power supply: car power
  • Voltage: 100v-240v
  • Power: 30 w
  • Product weight: 1370g